Rock Star

For a former grunt, I really, really hate manual labor.  Seriously, some days, I drive the golf cart to the mailbox.  But just because I hate manual labor doesn’t mean I don’t’ do manual labor.

So, my mom’s place is part of an HOA that has landscapers to take care of the outside of the homes. Except the front courtyard. That’s on the homeowners. And being in the desert,  most folks put in crushed rock, rather than grass. So that’s why my mom has. But that was put in about 8 years ago, and over the years, blowing dirt, dust and sand has accumulated on the rocks and above the plastic weed barrier. So, now weeds are growing there. So guess who got volunteered to clean the rocks, replace the plastic barrier, and wash the rocks.

Here’s a guided tour of the work in progress.


And a few pics.


It gets pretty hot here in the desert, so I’m only good for about 2 hours of work a day. I figure probably two more days of this. Of course, that’s only half the courtyard. The other half will have to wait a while…

A bad day at the range…

Vmaximus was asking about the relative power of various weapons. I don’t have any good shots to show on 25mm, but I can show you what 20mm does to an SUV.

Turns out that an Air Force pilot lost the bubble for just a moment. Thankfully, the two folks inside escaped with only minor injuries. See the full story.