Nurse! Nurse!


Huh.  I could see this being protocol for an op-check AFTER the transplant….  The Smoking Gun gives us the details.

A female nurse “initiated unsolicited sexual relations, including intercourse” with a hospitalized Illinois man who was awaiting a heart transplant, according to a lawsuit filed Monday

Cantone, whose wife Laura is co-plaintiff in the lawsuit, charges that Shaper “had a propensity to initiate unauthorized physical contact with patients.” The nurse, he added, “had attempted and/or succeeded” in initiating similar contact with other patients in her care.

One has to wonder if this is covered by Obamacare.   And where the hell was she when I had to go in for my kidney stone?

I cannot say it surprises me that wife Laura is a co-plaintiff.   Sorta gives a new meaning to “bedside manner”, though.   I wonder if the VA is hiring?

Defense Department Hypocrisy Regarding Uniform Wear?

Well, DoD not only allowed, but encouraged service members to wear their uniforms at Gay/LBGT Pride events following the repeal of DADT.   The move was lustily (!) cheered by the Far-Left Progressives in whose ranks the activists and the advocates tend to fall.   Despite the regulations (DoDINST 1334.1) that forbid the wearing of the uniform when it “may tend to bring discredit upon the Armed Forces”.

So, we are told, THIS:


is just fine with THIS:




It is encouraged, in fact.

Okie doke.  But there seems to be a problem.  Apparently some enlisted Sailors wore their dress uniforms to an Adult Entertainment convention in Las Vegas over the weekend.  A National Guardsman apparently took and posted several photographs, none of the compromising, showing the men in their uniforms.   And Navy Times’ Scoop Deck posts a most pejorative article regarding the incident.   Bear in mind that the Adult Entertainment Industry is perfectly legal, and that prostitution is legal in Nevada.   Yet, somehow, men in the company of scantily clad women instead of other (scantily clad) men is somehow “bringing discredit” upon the uniform?



should be strictly VERBOTEN.

If there is the slightest condemnation from Navy leadership over the wearing of the uniform to the convention, or any kind of disciplinary or administrative action against these sailors, what little credibility is left among our senior Military leadership, uniformed and civilian, will have evaporated completely.     The quite understandable perception of caving into a politically-protected special interest group, and of becoming de facto advocates for such causes in order to gain political favor will be confirmed once and for all.

Whadda ya say, Ray Mabus?   I do imagine you are not nodding quite as enthusiastically at pictures of Sailors in uniform at this event…