Rules for thee but not for me

I read this article by Kurt Schlichter and wondered again at the word games Clintons play. She didn’t send any email marked classified because someone copied and pasted it for her. I don’t handle classified information, but there’s times when I get what’s called “sensitive but unclassified” or SBU. This is stuff like proprietary data that belongs to a company like ATK or Boeing or export-controlled information like a fair amount of propulsion work or any kind of mechanical drawing. Those have to marked SBU and sent encrypted. What happens if you are careless with SBU? Answer: “Individuals may be subject to administrative sanctions if they disclose information designated SBU. Sanctions include, but are not limited to, a warning notice, admonition, reprimand, suspension without pay, forfeiture of pay, removal or discharge.”

So say Hillary does get elected. How are you going to discipline the rank and file for, say, sending a white paper on turbine blade design unencrypted to a colleague when the head honcho had over 1,000 classified emails affecting national security sent unencrypted? Or is it going to be like the IRS, and the level of punishment depends on who you donated to in the last election?

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  1. RFH, anyone with a brain and either a current or past holder of security clearances knows that they would be shredded for 0.01% of what Hillary had done. It is an extremely big deal that echoes thought the intel agencies and DOD. Hillary allowed “crown jewels secrets” to be shared with any off-the street hacker or hostile intelligence agency that stopped by.

    The security breaches themselves, and the lack of prosecution or damage reduction is stunning. No foreign power or individual can expects the US to keep any secret shared with the US. The damage will continue to matter far downstream in time.

    Yet, the US government does nothing. We are a silly country.

  2. Treating National Security information in a manner that insures that hostile foreign governments will take it is a form of treason. That is a Capitol Crime.

  3. Only the Little People are accountable for their actions. It’s for their own good. The Protected Class requires certain “moral flexibility” and leeway in order to protect the Little People.

    So here’s what we can expect: The AG will not want, or be allowed to, indict Hillary. THAT would be treason among the Protected Class. However, the piper must be paid, so any of the DoS staffers who sent the material will become the sacrificial anodes. Any and every staffer in DoS better have a lawyer on retainer at this point. Oh, and the “I was ordered to do it,” defense, (no matter how true), will not protect them. The prosecution will very quickly establish that each and every person is responsible for the protection of classified material. It was the responsibility of the staff to refuse instructions to “air gap” the classified info onto uncleared channels. THEY are to blame– never the leadership. If THEY had obeyed the laws, none of this would happen. See? Clearly the then Sec State is the victim in all of this.

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