The Remarkable X-15

Remember, the design of the X-15 started when front line fighter aircraft were still subsonic.


7 thoughts on “The Remarkable X-15”

  1. Damn, that is impressive. What an achievement.

    Three things to notice.
    1) It appears that the USAF used to be a military organization. A LtCol in a sharp-looking pressed khaki uniform.

    2) Never heard the phrase “Muslim outreach”.

    3) You know you are serious when Jack Webb does your narration.

  2. When I was a youngster, the X-15 was in it’s heyday, and I read and re-read every bit of material on the X series that I found. The pilots were my heroes when I was growing up. Thanks for the retrospective on the days when even the sky was not a limit to our dreams or our engineering abilities.

  3. This aircraft really caught my imagination when I was young. This might be the main reason I work in aerospace today. There was just something special about it. And I love they got Jack Webb to narrate.

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