CDR Salamander: If This is Defending LCS, You’re Doing it Wrong

The events of the last year have, in a way, been a Pyrrhic victory for long standing LCS critics. It would have been the best thing for our Navy and its nation if we had been wrong – and as I mentioned years ago, I wished I were proven wrong – but the facts are clear; this sub-optimal platform will saddle our Navy for the next three decades with lost opportunity, China doll deathtraps that will remind everyone of the cost of the Transformationalists’ Tiffany Navy.In the global marketplace of ideas, the verdict is in. No one is trying to replicate the LCS concept. While we have been making excuses during the long, slow rollout of both LCS variants, the Dutch, Danes, Germans, French, Russians and others have commissioned and deployed superior sub-7,000 ton warships that, unlike LCS, are ready to go to war tomorrow. They are very real, self-deployable warships with provable performance metrics that LCS can’t seem to get off the PPT.

Source: CDR Salamander: If This is Defending LCS, You’re Doing it Wrong

It’s always fun to watch ‘phib go to town on the LCS and its defenders.

What’s quite frustrating is two things. First, as Emperor Palpatine said, “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.” It’s not like people weren’t sounding alarm bells from the very first days of Streetfighter.

Second,  many saw the traditional US Navy low end combatant, the open ocean ASW frigate was likely not the best solution to the perceived threats at sea.  What’s really frustrating is that the US Navy used to be pretty good at designing small combatants that were quite versatile and multi-mission. Take a look at the various oceangoing mine-warfare craft of World War II that were so fundamentally sound they also served as the basis for an entire class of patrol escort ships.