Chinese Submariners

This is a pretty interesting video. It’s an older Type 033 Romeo diesel-electric boat used for training. It’s technology from the 1950s, but the Chinese built them well into the 1980s.


A couple thoughts. Voice pipes! Who still uses voice pipes? And isn’t that a little problematical from a water-tight integrity view?

Second, the food looked really good. But not having a proper mess deck is really weird.

The video is for domestic Chinese consumption, so of course the PLAN comes across looking pretty good.

6 thoughts on “Chinese Submariners”

  1. US Submarines have “flapper valves” at the compartment bulkheads to seal off ventilation ducts to maintain water tight integrity. You might be able to do something similar with voice tubes. Don’t knock voice tubes, you can’t beat them for reliability.

  2. Also, voice tubes can’t be intercepted electronically, I bet, so they are also more secure.

    1. No, but unless there are somewhat complex measures taken they are connected to the bulkhead, which means they’re open to acoustic interception. Given the way EM travels through seawater, an ungrounded sound powered phone system is far more secure.

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