It Was a Muslim That Burned Mosque in Houston


Something that was rather hushed in the mainstream media.  Breitbart has the story.

Using surveillance video from other area businesses to identify the arsonist, Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, was arrested and charged with starting the Christmas Day fire that devastated a Houston, Texas mosque. Moore is a devout Muslim who attended this same mosque for years, praying up to five times a day every day of the week.

The mainstream leftist media becomes positively apoplectic in their spittle-flying harangues about the “Muslim backlash”, which never, ever materializes.  Yet, they abjectly refuse to acknowledge the islamist terrorism on US soil, such as has occurred at Fort Hood, Chattanooga, UC Merced, Umpqua Community College, San Bernadino, etc, and almost occurred at Austin, TX, Fort Dix, and other places.  Because they reflect and are beholden to the pro-Islamist stances of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

That a devout muhammedan is guilty of arson for burning his own mosque will somehow end up on the cutting room floor.   So the law-abiding, especially gun owners, will continue to be blamed not only for things they didn’t do, but for things that didn’t actually happen at all.  While muslim terrorists among the refugees will continue to stream unabated into our cities and towns.

Will a counterfeit passport made by ISIS count as voter ID?



5 thoughts on “It Was a Muslim That Burned Mosque in Houston”

  1. Maybe the media would have paid more attention if he had hung a noose on a tree at a predominately black college.

  2. We can all agree tho it could have been a tobacco chewing, Bible thumping, gun clinger who hates wymens. Amirite? Srsly coulda been. Matter of fact let’s wait till the trial, looks like a possible frame job or a case of Jooooooooooish Lightning.

  3. Why the surprise? It’s not as if Muslims were averse to destroying mosques, as long as they belong to “heretic” Muslims. Remember the Al-Askari mosque in Iraq?

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