Happy 45th Birthday to the F-14 Tomcat

First flight on this day in 1970. Of course, the prototype would be lost on its second flight due to a hydraulic failure.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ubBel_DRcc]

8 thoughts on “Happy 45th Birthday to the F-14 Tomcat”

  1. All apologies and respect to Lex and his oft-repeated disdain for the Tomcat, but the F-14 is the single sexiest thing ever to take to the skies.

    1. I’ll take sexiest jet fighter, because have you seen a P-38 in late-war metal finish and D-Day invasion stripes?

      1. There’s a long standing (mostly) good natured rivalry between the Hornet and Tomcat communities. Or, further back, between the fighter and attack communities. Or between aviation, surface, and submarine communities.

        Or between the Navy and the Marine Corps. Or between the sea services and the Army and the Air Force.

        In a tactical sense, Lex could deliver a fair, balance critique of the strengths and weaknesses of the Tomcat or the Hornet. Or any other platform, from an analytical, dispassionate point of view.

        But in the O’Club, he (like every other Bug driver in the fleet) would have been loathe to admit any social graces or glimmer of intellect to any member of the Tomcat community, and especially heap opprobrium on those Naval Aviators so marginal as to need an assistant in the back seat.

  2. A special jet…played a big part in my 24 years in the USN. My heroes are still, “Ho Chi”, “Rat” and “Barrel”

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