What did you do in the Cold War, Dad?

The Other McCain’s coauthor, Kevin Trainor, has penned a book, part autobiography, part essay, and part biography of military notables.

Kevin served in the Cold War Army in Europe, a time of high tensions, but no action. And not every soldier has tales of derring do. For most of us, being in the Army, however proud and honorable our service, was really, just a job.

Kevin’s story is often funny, sometimes, quite dark, but always quite real.

It’s a quick read, only 128 pages, but it’s only $0.99, so go download it.

6 thoughts on “What did you do in the Cold War, Dad?”

  1. I bought it and can heartily endorse it.

    But I gotta say…trading your woogie for a beret? I dunno, I think you might have gotten ripped off on that one 😉

  2. I got cold in the Cold War, seven years in Germany, that’s why I live in Texas now. Unfortunately, i don’t do Kindle, is the book in print? i was artillery but my wife was MI at Field Station Augsburg and served with lots of linguists.

    1. don’t know if it’s in print or not, but you can get the Kindle app for free on your phone / tablet / PC / whatever.

  3. I just used the free Kindle app to read it on my laptop, should be easy to set up (especially if a dumbass like me can pull it off…)

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