Navy Unveils $14.99 (+ s/h) Strategic Planning Technology

THE PENTAGON — The Navy today announced a new contract with the Milton Bradley Company to develop a cost-efficient technology for use on the maritime battlefield. Milton Bradley will be mass-producing a new device for the Navy which will be known as the Basic Analog Terminal for Targeting and Locating Enemy Ships and Honing Incursions with Precision, or “BATTLESHIP.”

“Due to a new era of fiscal restraints, gone are the days of multibillion dollar contracts with the likes of Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics,” said new Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson. “Milton Bradley has agreed to provide each BATTLESHIP terminal to the Navy for the low cost of $14.99 plus shipping and handling.”

Source: Navy Unveils $14.99 (+ s/h) Strategic Planning Technology

I actually read this *before* I wrote the previous post.

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  1. I learned the game from a couple of Naval Aviators that managed to get aboard the same plane I was on returning to CONUS from Germany in ’69. The version they played differed a bit from the Milton Bradley game I later encountered. It was fun, for a 15 Y O kid, playing with them. They also regaled me with tales of life in Navy Air. It was a short 9 hour flight From Rhein Mein to McGuire.

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