5 Places You Can Drive a Tank Right Now

As it turns out, it’s not all that difficult to rent a tank. The majority of companies that do so function as tourist attractions—it’s not like Enterprise where you grab the keys and try to return it with a full tank of gas.Generally speaking, each company offers packages with different aspects: shooting guns, crushing cars, even slam through a mobile home. It’s important to note that U.S. regulations generally require the “de-milling” of a tank’s cannon, so there’s no firing of the awesome big gun. But hey, you can still crush cars.

Source: 5 Places You Can Drive a Tank Right Now

Pffttt. Lemme know when they let you do a TOW live fire.

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  1. in high school, i had a buddy whose dad was a test driver for a “major corporation whom shall remain nameless”. Said corp. built tanks. Ergo, dad got to test all the new tank designs. i heard some bits and pieces, on occasion, nothing that would endanger national security. Talk about a cool job. Some tank that could go 80 miles an hour and then turn a right angle corner with just a slight bank while just slowing down a little?

    i don’t think it ever made it into production that i heard of, but they are always trying new things, and that was some almost 40 years ago. God it feels awful to write that.

  2. It runs! They stopped making those in 1943, and It’s in better shape than just about every vehicle at the Army Ordnance Museum at Aberdeen. Quality Soviet engineering, I guess.

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