Looks like Poland might be next on Putin’s menu.

Well, maybe, after the Baltics.


This is simply how it’s done. Soviet… err, Russian agents infiltrate a community, and agitate that they are being oppressed by the host country. That leads to Putin raising the issue in various international forums, supposedly lending legitimacy to the claims. Eventually, it becomes an excuse for “peacekeepers” and “monitors” to occupy a region.

Russian peacekeepers, of course. Permanently. Then hold “free and fair” elections to secede and join Russia.

At a minimum, Russia can use this to sow instability in the region, something that works for Russia, and against Poland and her allies.

5 thoughts on “Looks like Poland might be next on Putin’s menu.”

  1. The cold response would be to liquidate said infiltrators. Poland just might, they have no love for Russia, considering ever leftist scumbag tends to overlook Russia Invading half of Poland in 39 with the NAZIS, and then there’s that little thing in the Katyn Forest…..

  2. I’ve read that Lukashenko is a bit concerned at the possibility of little green men appearing in Belarus. I’m sure he’s been assured by Putin that their normal range is restricted to the Crimean peninsula.

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