Once upon a time, we considered those who sold body parts of those they killed to be extremists.

Apparently, Planned Parenthood believes it is those who object to such ghoulish practices who are now the extremists.

The extremists will not win this battle. The goal of these attacks is to get Planned Parenthood to stop providing care — and that will never happen. We have proudly provided reproductive health-care services for 99 years, and we are only getting started.

Whether Congress chooses to stand with extremists or with the women of the United States is up to them. Planned Parenthood will always stand with our patients and protect the rights of every woman to access care. Today, we need the American people to stand with them too.
I know that the President of Planned Parenthood has stated that allegation of such sale for profit is untrue.  But hey, a Lamborghini is a Lamborghini.   Not a peep from the Propaganda Ministry, er, mainstream media.
Perhaps the “war on women” is more of a blitzkrieg…  Alles klar, Hillary?
If it isn’t klar, this should make it so.  Right on cue:

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  1. This is monstrous, what “research” could possible justify this? How can they justify classifying this something other than homicide? The basis of most leftist arguments only ever seem to boil right down to “nuh, ’cause I wanna” these days. Who wants this?

    1. “…what “research” could possible justify this?” That’s what they asked the guy on the left in the picture above. The prototypical doctor in a system run by the State. Some physician named Mengele.

    2. The sad thing, URR, is that the head of Detachment 731 talked his way out of a hemp necklace in exactly that manner. He traded the data from his “experiments” for non-prosecution.

      There was more than one high-level Japanese war criminal who escaped that way, only to become “pillars of the community” later. I expect it was because Japan didn’t kill enough Jews, so they got less publicity. Not that that made any difference to the POWs and local subjects tortured & murdered by these men.

  2. I came across the article below and sent it along to family members. It ties in well with this post by URR. My original comments follow.–

    This made me tear up. Thinking about it, I realized I was quite a mess – tears of love for the sisters that let no one in their care die alone, tears of sadness for the babies killed and mutilated then sold for parts, and tears of rage that our government sponsors the latter and sued the former over birth control coverage. I’m just left speechless.

    Full article:


  3. The scandal is BS. The video is edited to portray a false message and to generate outrage for political gain.

    Don’t fall for it. Seriously – even Snopes has pooh-poohed this one.

    1. Snopes is a leftist site with its own agenda. The unedited video was released and the story, if anything, is far worse than told by the clips.

    2. The clowns who put out this BS rely on the short news cycle to suck you in – and boy, they’ve played you. By the time they are proven to be wrong, the story has stuck in the popular imagination and that stain won’t budge. That’s one of the reasons why Myth Busters, Snopes and others exist (to look at facts, evidence and so on).

      Remember the ACORN scandal? That was busted as total BS too. Half truths and selective editing. One of the guys behind those revealing videos was forced by a court to make a payout to one of the people they set up. Courts work on evidence, not scandal.

      FEMA coffins? Jade Helm? More…
      Seriously, for a bunch of smart guys you can be pretty gullible.

    3. i don’t know one way or the other about snopes leaning left or right but where are people getting this “heavily edited” bit? Did they just watch the “preview” clips or the bits that the news used and assume that that’s all there was and it was taken out of context?

    4. Fox News made it up? So they’re all actors reading from a script? Interesting. Not terribly rational, but interesting.

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