Unit leaders erroneously crack down on mixed camo

A number of soldiers complained their unit commanders are discouraging the wear of multiple camouflage patterns in formation, and the word has gotten to the SMA.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey had a message sent this week to all command sergeants major reminding them that — during the several-year transition from the old Army Combat Uniform to the new one — there can and should be mixing of uniforms.

“Commanders continue to hold the discretion to dictate the duty uniform, but they should be comfortable with allowing multiple uniforms to be worn within their formation during this transition period,” according to the message, sent via Dailey’s executive officer, Sgt. Maj. Joe Parson Jr.

Soldiers were able to begin buying the new Operational Camouflage Pattern as of July 1 at 13 U.S. posts as well as South Korea and Japan. Over $1.4 million of the new gear was sold on day 1, according to an email from Army spokesman Lt. Col. Jesse Stalder.

via Unit leaders erroneously crack down on mixed camo.

I sincerely doubt it was company grade officers. Rather, this sort of asshattery is the province of First Sergeants and Sergeants Major.


5 thoughts on “Unit leaders erroneously crack down on mixed camo”

  1. Dumb question, but by mixed pattern do they mean between one soldier and the next or two different patterns on the same soldier? Just curious, I’ll take my answer off the air.

  2. By mixed they mean Soldier #1 is wearing ACU-Universal Pattern (the ugly gray-green craptacular color that works no where) and Soldier #2 is wearing the new ACU-OCP Scorpion uniform.
    Now if an individual soldier was mixing different patterns (UCP top and OCP Scorpion pants) they’re fair game for an ass chewing.

    1. ACU-OCP? Omni Consumer Products?

      Because I can’t see how that would work out badly?

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