Desert Life

Living in a desert isn’t normally too bad. I hug my air conditioner, and endeavor to stay out of the direct sunlight for 6 months out of the year.

It does have its annoyances from time to time, however.

Even on a relatively cool day like today (104F), simple tasks like leaf blowing the front courtyard, sweeping the garage, and a trip to Costco result in being drenched in sweat. So far, I’ve had two showers, and I’m on my third change of clothes.

17 thoughts on “Desert Life”

    1. A light kind of sideways rain that is considered “nice” weather in Edinburgh????

  1. Quartermaster shares climate with me and my eight dog-buddies, and it’s a treat to read the reports from other readers world-wide.
    With the heat you’re experiencing I do wonder why bother with clothes, but that’s a tactical decision you are free to make.
    Cheers y’all.

  2. I didn’t sweat much when I lived in Arizona. Then when I moved to northern VA, it was “less hot” but I sweated like a dog.

  3. Wait, so “Bring the Heat” doesn’t refer to your desire to live in the hottest place in the CONUS? 🙂

  4. And I am happily surprised to see two more Western NC “hillbillies” on this thread. Talk about a small world…

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