B-52 Crews Conduct 44-Hour Mission | Fighter Sweep

Ultra-long haul air travel has become standard in recent years. Extremely lengthy routes such as Los Angeles to Dubai, or Dallas to Sydney, or Atlanta to Johannesburg, and many more are flown every single day–with few eyes batted. It’s an amazing feat of the advances in aeronautical engineering, and possibly an even more amazing testament to the human will, to sit in close quarters with a couple hundred of strangers your best friends as you are transported halfway around the world by air.

You wouldn’t imagine Bossier City, Louisiana would be an ideal location for long-haul service, but the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base recently put all the other long-haul flights to shame: a jaw-dropping 44-hour mission involving a pair of B-52s flying nonstop from Barksdale to Australia…and back. What did you do for the past two days? I can guarantee it doesn’t involve a quick dash down to Australia and back!

via B-52 Crews Conduct 44-Hour Mission | Fighter Sweep.


That’s a long haul flight. Setting up the staging for the tankers and coordinating it all must have been some challenge. And as the article notes, what fun is it to go to Australia and not even get a chance to stretch your legs and grab a beer?

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