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Above all, when did Americans ever get asked if they wanted the Federal government to stop enforcing our borders? When did developed countries decide that having actual borders is a violation of basic human rights? I can’t recall any referendum on that.

This is an issue across the Western world. So far, only Australia and Israel have taken robust steps to halt migrant flows, but they have shown that admitting large numbers of illegal immigrants is a choice, not a fait accompli or a fact of life that developed countries can do nothing about. Given the enormous migrant flows facing Europe now, this is sure to become a bigger and more contentious issue in many countries.

All these are critical matters that merit serious discussion, not rabble-rousing. Yet when the mainstream powers-that-be stifle such necessary discussion, confining it to the fringes, don’t complain when fringe characters are the ones talking about it.

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Like John, I hold no brief for Donald Trump. But as he says, immigration is a topic we simply must discuss. And if our establishment refuses to have a serious discussion about it, others will force unserious discussion. There are quite a number of issues that face us that out “betters” have declared as unmentionable. Turns out, it’s easier to proclaim that than actually force the issue from people’s minds.

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  1. The influx of illegal immigrants from North Africa (and elsewhere for that matter) to Europe is so fraught with future scenarios. I am scant able to think or ponder for long…too scarey.

  2. Illegal immigration is a make or break issue with me. No immigration law enforcement, no vote. Sorry, JEB!

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