Iconic Photos

Welcome to the timesuck that is Iconic Photos.
Duke of Wellington, by Antoine Claudet, 1844.
Dresden after the fire bombing, by Richard Peter from the Rathaustrum.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, on the SS Great Eastern by Robert Howett, 1857.
Gurung honeyhunter, by Eric Valli, 1987.
Now I wish I’d kept some of the contact sheets from the NASA photographers. They don’t do that with digital photography.

Harrier Operations at Sea

We’ve posted a lot of videos showing fast mover operations from aircraft carriers at sea, but I think this  is the first time we’ve seen from the cockpit how the Marines do it with Harriers on big deck amphibs.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8aOUQV2EfE]

Have some Spad.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFWEaNJxnW4]

My dad was quite fond of telling me that of all the AD/A-1 Skyraider variants he flew, he never once flew in an AD-5/A-1E variant.

UPDATE: Mayo One Helicopter accidently started by spectator at Minnesota Air Spectacular | Mankato Times – Mankato News Online

MANKATO, MINN. — In a rather frightening incident at the Minnesota Air Spectacular in Mankato, the Mayo One helicopter was started by a member of the public, knocking over a tent at around 2:00 pm on Saturday.

“I was sitting near the helicopter when the blades started to turn and I wondered what was going on,” said a stunned Dave Kruse who was a member of the public watching the air show “a tent near the tail of the helicopter tipped over before someone turned it off. Luckily it looked like no one was injured.”

via UPDATE: Mayo One Helicopter accidently started by spectator at Minnesota Air Spectacular | Mankato Times – Mankato News Online.

Try pulling the circuit breakers next time, guys.

SMA considers getting a tattoo — and he wants your help

When the Army reversed its much-hated tattoo policy, many cheered Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey, who was a driving force behind the decision.

“Soldiers show me their new tattoos now,” Dailey told Army Times.

But Dailey, who became the Army’s top senior enlisted soldier on Jan. 30, doesn’t have any ink of his own — for now.

Your SMA has recently given some serious thought about getting a tattoo, and he had an inspired idea:

What if he asked soldiers to pick some ideas for a tattoo, and then put the best up for an Army-wide vote?

via SMA considers getting a tattoo — and he wants your help.

Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey is breath of fresh air bringing some common sense to the position after years of SMAs that have been out of touch with the troops they are supposed to advocate for.

First, I think this is a great idea, in and of itself (and I’d love to see him get a My Little Pony tattoo). Second, and more importantly, it shows that he hears the concerns of the troops, and takes them to heart.

Soldiers will always complain about something, and many times, the answer to the complaint is, it can’t be helped. But soldiers really get frustrated when they perceive their complaints simply aren’t being heard at all.

Just one bit of advice for SMA Dailey- no tramp stamps.


We’re a tad busy dealing with an unexpected household issue. The central A/C went out. When you live in a desert, that constitutes an emergency. Tis time for a new AC, as the old one is 20 years or so old. On the other hand, our heat system gets so little use, it’s probably going to last forever.


The lovely Gina Elise and Pin-Ups for Vets is looking for donations. The lasses of Pin-Ups for Vets will shortly be visiting a state veterans home, and as is their tradition, gifting calendars to the residents. You can support them by purchasing a calendar for donation. And think about getting one for yourself.



It’s beat up on LCS Monday at CDR Salamander’s.


I’m not ready to endorse Drew’s Calvinball game, but it’s obvious current conservative politics can’t win with the rules jiggered the way they are.


As noted by a friend, this is pretty much dividing by zero.


Solar Impulse- The point of no return.

We’re rather skeptical about solar power. It’s costly in initial investments, and inconveniently tends to generate power during off-peak usage times. Further, current arrays are also rather short lived, and somewhat nasty in terms of disposal.

Solar Impulse is a manned, long endurance solar powered aircraft. Covered in solar panels, the plane uses these arrays to both provide motive power during the day, and charge  onboard batteries to provide power overnight.


And it is currently being flown by Andre Borschberg from Nagoya, Japan to Hawaii. It’s just about 4,200 miles across the Pacific. With a planned flight time of about 120 hours, that’s an average speed of 35 miles an hour.

Today comes news that Solar Impulse has passed the midway point of its journey, known as the point of no return. That is, in an emergency, it is quicker to continue to Hawaii than to attempt to return to Japan.

We may not support the green energy agenda of the Solar Impulse team, but we certainly are impressed with their pioneering spirit, and their audacious attempt try new things, to reach new goals.

You can follow Solar Impulse here.

Load HEAT- Sofia Boutella

So, we got around to watching Kingsman- The Secret Service again this week. A fun tongue in cheek poke at the James Bond series. Colin Firth was great, the newcomer was good, but I’ve never heard of him, Samuel L. Jackson was a riot as the villain.  But what caught my eye was Jackson’s henchman, the scary “Gazelle” with her spring steel/sword prosthetics in lieu of feet.


Turns out Gazelle is dancer, model, and actress Sofia Boutella.

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