Hugo Boss Awarded Contract For Joint Service Uniform Design

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has awarded a $3.3 billion contract to German fashion designer Hugo Boss AG for a new Joint Service Uniform to be worn across all military service branches, Duffel Blog has learned.

Featuring a high button collar, knee-high spit-shine-able leather dress boots, and a rounded service-type garrison cap with plastic visor, the JSU concept evokes the crisp lines and sharp appearance of the uniforms Hugo Boss created for the German military from the early 1930′s through the mid-1940′s.

“Standardizing service uniforms across all branches with the JSU will save a huge amount of money, and by eliminating the hodge-podge appearance of mismatched uniforms, we present an image of a much more professional military culture,” said Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

via Hugo Boss Awarded Contract For Joint Service Uniform Design.

7 thoughts on “Hugo Boss Awarded Contract For Joint Service Uniform Design”

    1. That one’s been driven by safety concerns. They’re worried putting the hands that close to the eye might lead to accidents. They thought about mandating mittens, but that would make it hard for the flag officers to get coffee.

    2. A minimum safe distance must be maintained to render the new salute safe. Otherwise it might knock the officer’s coffee out of his hand or knock his/her cover off, depending on relative heights.

  1. I’m glad that I caught the words “Duffel Blog” before I finished reading the press release. Turned what could have been a medical emergency into a smirk.


  2. I could tell it was parody because Marty Dempsey used the phrase “professional military culture” in a sentence. No way that happens in real life. I am surprised he isn’t calling the Duffel Blog people and telling them to stop their Constitutional free expression. He has a habit of that.

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