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The reason Americans enlist in the military is long and varied, but the motivation offered by this new recruit to his drill sergeant may be a first.

The handwritten note was posted to Reddit a few hours ago by Basic Combat Training (BCT) Drill Instructor Looney82. These are the career soldiers in the green campaign hats who receive raw recruits from every imaginable background in the country. Looney82 has a sterling reputation on Reddit that lends itself to believing the letter is genuine.

via Worst Reason Ever To Join The US Army – Business Insider.

Read the letter. It’s very¬† brief. And I suspect the writer was having a touch of fun at the Drill Sergeant’s expense. The closing joke is pretty funny, too.

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  1. “The recruit was later made to do mountain climbers until he died.”

    Having spent three years at Parris Island, I had to interview almost 5,000 recruits. I would get the idiots out of the way early in training, and save the smarter and better recruits for the end. I would always ask them “if you could be in a room alone for ten minutes with someone right now, who would it be?”

    The answers I almost always got were “my girlfriend” or “Paula Abdul”, or words to that effect. But this one recruit stood silent for about ten seconds, and then said “My f*ckin’ recruiter!”.

    Even the First Sergeant laughed.

  2. URR’s closing line reminded me of an Ohio Highway PAtrolman that had stopped a speeder. The Trooper saunters up beside teh stopped Pickup truck, smacks the door and demands to see the driver’s pilot license. The driver gets into his wallet and hands the trooper a pilot’s license. I would have thought it was a nice story, but it was the Trooper who did that who told it.

    My father’s last duty station was at Lackland AFB back in the day when they still acted like they were a military service. The TIs were a rough bunch, not as hard as a Marine DI of course, but about like the Army was at the time. The Navy was easy by comparison, so I had no second thoughts like the recruit you interviewed. I did wonder a time or two at Ft. Rucker with the TACs there. After a few days they were OK, except for one rather sorry example that prolly never should have been a TAC.

    Marine DIs, though, are a completely different class and I would prolly have had a few second thoughts. A cousin who had been a Marine (served a tour in Vietnam too) talked me out of my boyhood dream of being a Marine. He was on leave from LeJune when I told him what I wanted to do. His response was “I thought you were crazy and here you go and remove all doubt.” Then we went to Germany and I came back a teenager and forgot all about the Marines.

  3. So he thinks every promotion is like earning a new level, and getting more hit points? Not sure it works loke that. Pretty funny though.

  4. Excuse me, but isn’t it just a longer-winded version of “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure?”

  5. This guy is screwing with the drill sergeant. He might think he is better or smarter than the drill sergeant. Every basic training cycle has some smart ass thinking he knows everything. A new recruit gave a Staff sergeant, myself and 4 other sergeants and an Army Ranger just back from Iraq at the start of the war the finger. Maybe he thought he was better than I. We were both in the same school. I was changing MOSs (jobs). I got yelled at by a drill sergeant for chewing the kid out. So he thought he was untouchable. Until graduation day, I informed his new First sergeant and Command Sergeant Major. I don’t think that kid lasted a full year.

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