Load HEAT- Leean Tweeden Edition

She does USO shows, was a Hooters girl (I think I met  her at the Colorado Springs location), appears frequently on Red Eye, is the face of Rethinking Autism,  and made this statement:

Referring to the U.S. Military, “If it weren’t for those men and women, there’s no way I’d be on TV or be able to do FHM,” Leeann says. “I’d probably be covered in a burka—and what a waste that would be”

She’s from Manassas, VA (nods to Craig) and wears a Cav slouch hat (nods to Esli).

How could I NOT post Leean Tweeden?  (click to embiggen)

Thanks to Cyn, who’s let me bogart her BBF girl twice now…


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