3 thoughts on “Speaking of Close Air Support…”

  1. I’ve known it was a large piece of hardware, but that picture with the VW Bub really puts it in perspective how big that weapon truly is.

  2. I remember that pic from Air Progress back in the 70s. I also remember some impressive pics of an M-48 lying on its side with that gun firing Depleted Uranium shells at it, and seeing the flame shooting from both entry and exit holes.

  3. The finest airplane the Air Force has in the inventory. And I am a “Crew Chief” on the F-16 Falcon in the 412 Test Wing at Edwards AFB. It pays the bills…..
    But that is one hell of a gun. My son, the Army Reserve SSGT is a fan of it and he is a truck mechanic.
    The Marines love this puppy! Can’t say as I blame them.

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