7 thoughts on “Load HEAT- Kari Byron”

  1. Well…
    If we’re going to delve into the current pop TV eyecandy, how about adding Pauley Perrette (NCIS Abby Scuito) and/or Cote de Pablo (NCIS Ziva David) to the HEAT queue?


  2. Cote’s been a HEAT round previously. I only know that, because this is where I was introduced to her (having never watched NCIS prior to said discovery).

  3. I made the mistake once of telling my then-GF (now wife) that Jennifer Love Hewitt was the one woman that I would leave her for in a heartbeat. Big mistake.

    I won’t make the mistake of telling her that, now that JLH is old and a little worn-out looking, that Kari Byron has moved into that spot. I will NOT make that mistake. I’d never be allowed to watch Mythbusters again.

  4. Oh God, she’s one of those girls that wears a choker collar all the time…

    *blood rushes from head*

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