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My muse is apparently on vacation or something, because I just can’t find anything to write about. That doesn’t mean there aren’t interesting goings on, just I’m not in a mood to really write.  So… links it is.

CDR Salamander isn’t thrilled with the choice of the next Chief of Naval Operations. 

But he IS thrilled with Terry and the Pirates.


TAH shows us that some folks are just laughably bad at faking military service.


War News Updates, as always, has a great roundup on Afghanistan.


Not surprisingly, Discovery Channel will have a special on SEAL Team 6.


I had a suggestion to write on some Army FAIL (not the beret, but other initiatives that didn’t work as planned) and the first thing that popped into my head was the COHORT program of the 80s. Any other dumb ideas I should address?


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  1. Thanks for the links. I especially enjoyed the one on Alison and Cochran. This Ain’t Hell was hilarious.

    And I thought there was no Team 6….

  2. UCP = FAIL; 36 months to pin on captain = FAIL (now up to 39 nonths on the way to 42); Comanche = FAIL; COHORT was a failure but not necessarily relevant; however, ARFORGEN is practically COHORT and happening right now, with partial FAIL Surprisingly, having a hard time thinking of army failures. Well, I would add canceling Crusader, not because we needed a 100 ton artillery piece but because we didn’t get the Crusader engine fielded that was going to go into the M1 Abrams.

    1. Yes, it is messed up. Really a wash, though, because it is all a numbers thing. Since the army has been so short of captains, they promote quickly to basically hide the shortage. In the old days, it took 48 months to pin on captain, but that captain left the unit almost immediately. Now, most of the junior captains hang out in the unit for a year, doing 1LT jobs as a CPT. Not uncommon to have the company XOs, scout and mortar platoon leaders and other positions filled with brand new captains. The situation has slightly improved, and they have bumped the timeline to 39 month and it is going to 42. not sure if it will ever make it back up to 48. This problem has now carried through to the CPT-to-MAJ promotion. Now that we have a shortage of majors, the captains are getting promoted more rapidly. I am sure it will carry through to LTC, too. I have seen a couple company commanders that were majors. While the LT-to-CPT promotions are not causing too much loss of experience, the quick promotion to MAJ means that they probably are doing at least one whole job less than an older major did.

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