5 thoughts on “Sad end for the pride of the Royal Navy HMS Invincible – Telegraph”

  1. Sad indeed. And with our current administration’s belief that Argentina has rights to the Falklands, may not have been a good idea. Might have come in handy down the line for the Brits.

  2. The Invincible becomes steel for buildings and office furniture, and the USMC buys Brit Harriers to use for parts. It is indeed a sad day.

  3. No air cover for our troops now and No trained aircraft carrier sailors for the new carriers when they come on stream 2020 as these men and woman would have retired or made redundant by then, They sold our forces / ships / aircraft in 1979 and found at great cost 3 years later it was a mistake and now they do the same thing again, have they learnt nothing over the years BL**DY TORIES!!!

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