Here’s some overlap

Roamy here.  Where my world and XBradTC’s world overlap, there you have the nanosatellite in support of the warfighter. has a good article on the SMDC-ONE satellite, which shared a ride to orbit with SpaceX’s Dragon capsule on a Falcon 9 rocket last December, and the Kestrel Eye satellites. 

They mention “enhanced tactical communications capability” and UAV-like support.  I like the idea of small, adaptable, quick-to-launch satellites that can help with beyond-line-of-sight communications for the boots on the ground.  I also like that the program manager mentions that the nanosatellites orbit low enough not to cause any space debris problems.

1 thought on “Here’s some overlap”

  1. The “space debris” issue is a big one. Nice to hear these nanosatellites can orbit low enough. Are they able to go into a “stealth” mode?

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