12 thoughts on “Skyraiders Forever!”

  1. One of the best attack AC ever built. Even the AF had to have a few in Vietnam.

  2. I’m sorry this is “off topic” xbrad, but what is your opinion of the “Arab Spring?” And should the Commander of Joint Forces think it’s a “great thing?”

    1. Hi, Mare. Good to see you slummin’

      As a matter of principle, I’m delighted to see the people of the Mid-East strive to overthrow dysfunctional oligarchies and thugocracies. I honestly believe that there really is a yearning in the human heart for freedom and liberty. At a minimum, these nations know they are subjugated to the whims of criminals.

      As a practical matter, however, any study of history will show that most revolutions turn out for the worse. That is, they almost always leave a society worse off than before. You can see this in revolutionary France, or in a more modern context, the ’79 revolution in Iran.

      And I’m certainly not naive enough to think that a lot of the forces agitating for the overthrow of the current regimes are intent on copying the US Constitution word for word. On a visceral level, I just cannot comprehend a tribal society, nor can I really grasp a Muslim one.

      But the status quo was not sustainable in the Mid-East, and so it is no great surprise that the regimes are crumbling. And while I’m quick to criticize some of the steps the President has made (Libya?), I’m not at all sure I have any better answers.

      I will not be at all surprised to see a wave of fundamentalist regimes replace the current autocracies. But those theocracies need to understand- if there isn’t a real and tangible improvement in their populations well being, theocracy alone won’t save them. They’ll ride the tiger as well.

    1. I’m pretty sure that plane belongs to the Planes of Fame collection in Chino. There’s another one that’s popular on the airshow circuit around here that’s painted as an A-1J, but is really an ex-French AD-4N.

  3. Although I agree, xbrad, reality is always harsher than ideology. I think you are saying that also. If this Arab Spring means that Muslim fundamentalism and in turn, sharia become prevalent, then, well, it’s a horrible thing to me.

    I’m a little more interested in your thoughts on whether or not a General should be so naive.

    1. Well, what’s he supposed to say? “We don’t stand on the side of freedom?”

      That’s not to say he’s blind to the challenges and risks involved. But antagonizing folks right out the gate probably wouldn’t help matters.

  4. All the better to light up the remaining seconds of the enemy’s life.

    High speed low drag glamor is all very well.

    The decision is made by those who can haul the freight.

  5. A tough, sturdy attack aircraft that carries a sh*tload of ordnance, has great loiter time, can absorb punishment, and is relatively easy to maintain….

    Just like the F/A-18, right?

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