2 thoughts on “Thomas Ricks on Strategy.”

  1. You are going to roll snake eyes every time if block 13 gets filled in.

    There is only one meaningful answer to “how long?”…”As required for decisive result”.
    Otherwise the enemy COA is obvious. Suspend combat operations and wait for your departure. Resume operations until victory. Virtually the same thing as the next to the ultimate state of Guerrilla Revolutionary War per Mao’s little red book, by the way.

    The best answer for block 13’s second part….”method of withdrawal”…”As determined by the Commander, US Occupation Authority following functional establishment of civil administration and election of new government.” There is an alternative, and an example.

    The evacuation of Wonson.

    Question 14 has only one right answer ” Congress approves declaration of war.
    Understood? Check? Proceed to next step.”
    If you can’t justify that, STAY HOME.

    Once in, all in. Wage unrestricted land, sea, and air warfare against the (describe enemy here). Intensity of conflict? As required….as in whatever it takes. Safety valves wired shut, governor flyweights fully extended.

    Scary? Good. If going to war, be afraid. Be very afraid. Then very strict, and very heartless. Shermanesqu, to coin a word. Just be sure to read the full record on Sherman..

    Let the phrase “short victorious war” never be uttered among us. Ever.

    Some words not recently heard which should be: “I have nothing to promise but blood toil, tears, and sweat”; “for the duration”; ” all that we have and are”; and most telling, “contemptible quisling”

    If war is not all out and terrible, we run the risk of becoming too fond of it. And no campaign plan survives contact with the enemy intact. Ever.

    Beat ’em down hard, so they know they are stand up no quibbling utterly defeated.
    Then “Let ’em up easy”. Hold outs? Die hards? Capture or kill, imprison for life or until oath of parole freely provided. Oath Violators? Fair Trial and a firing squad.

    War is hell. You cannot refine it.

  2. I think one of the reasons why Presidents haven’t gone to Congress for a declaration of war is they don’t want the term “war” out there because of what it implies. Frankly, if we were truly at war, the Paks wouldn’t be doing much to be a thorn in our side. Instead of playing around in the AFG, we would have started at Karachi and gone north, cleaning out the NWFA and Waziristan. As it stands, if we leave now, we are guaranteed one thing, a reversion to what existed prior to our going to AFG in the fist place.

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