Scenes from KSC

Roamy here.  Part of the Spaceflight Awareness program is the really cool tour of KSC.  I overdid it on this trip, but I have some awesome memories to share with you.

Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building, looking up. That ceiling is 526 feet up.

 I had the added bonus of both bus driver and tour guide (NASA retiree) sharing stories.

Mobile Launch Platform for Ares. Hope they can use it for the next vehicle.

18 million pounds leaves a mark.

Crawler tracks of freshly crushed rock. They use Alabama river rock (woot!) because of no iron content to spark.

At the end of the tracks is, of course, the launching pad.

Getting ready to go

The bus went all the way around the launchpad, allowing us time to take lots of pictures of *the* last shuttle.

The flame trench. Do not stand here during launch.

 I was glad to have the opportunity to see this and also share the experience with my 14-year-old son, who wants to be an aerospace engineer.

Again, Godspeed Atlantis.

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  1. Hi – just found this site and I must say I am enjoying it very much. Nice job.

    I remember as a kid in Orlando, FL in the early 60s touring the Space Center. It has got to be the best attraction this state has. Everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime, if not more.

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