War News Updates: Did A Pork-Coated Bullet Kill Bin Laden?

Was Osama bin Laden shot with a bullet soaked in pork fat, denying him a place in paradise?

Yes, if one rather shady website, that peddles gun oil containing liquefied pig fat, is to be believed.

via War News Updates: Did A Pork-Coated Bullet Kill Bin Laden?.

I have a very, very strong suspicion this is a load of crap.

I’ve never even heard of this stuff. As far as I know, most weapons cleaning is still done with CLP. Now, we all know the special operations community goes its own way a lot of the time. So maybe they use a commercial alternative. If that’s the case, I’d bet money they use Hoppe’s No. 9.

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  1. Not a thing wrong with Hoppes.

    I remember the maintenance comics the Army used to put out. One on the M-16A1 that was sitting in the Cookeville, TN Armory told us not to use WD40. “WD40 does not protect like LSA, because it is not LSA.” It didn’t penetrate like WD40 did though, or clean like LSA. And there were better things, like Breakfree CLP which we started using in the mid 80s.

    I’d never use WD40 on my piece. And I hated LSA too.

  2. Due to operations in the desert environment, a lot of people use something called MilTech or MiliTech, can’t recall which. It is a dry lubricant that theoretically prevents sand from sticking like breakfree does. I am a some-time user but jury still out on it in my opinion.
    Quartermaster, with regards to LSA, the key was to clean first with RBC (Rifle Bore Cleaner) and then lubricate with LSA. LSA was not a cleaner. Army simplified things and went from RBC + LSA to only using CLP instead.

    1. WD40 wasn’t used as a cleaner by anyone I knew. They were using WD40 in place of LSA, and that was the reason for the comic. I don’t know why I said “clean like LSA,” but that is talking out of my hat because I know better. I don’t think the comic said that either. It’s been 30 years since I saw that comic.

    2. I don’t know the reason for it, but I have also always heard WD40 was bad for the metal. I’ve never used it, even though I am told it does a pretty good job of breaking down carbon deposits. Of course the same people that use WD40 also take a green scratch pad to blued weapons, which is a habit I have always crushed!

    1. Likewise. Hoppe’s and a Boresnake, then drop the frame / slide / lower / BCG / whatever into the ultrasonic cleaner for a nice hour long bath or so.

  3. This comes a’cropper every so often, so let me dispel it here as well. Shooting a Muslim with a bacon bullet does not deny him paradise under Islamic teaching. Nor does burying him in pig guts, nor does even force feeding him bacon, nor does anything else you do with pork products to him. I’m not sure where this concept came from, but it’s really no different than tricking a kosher practicing Jew to eat non-kosher food. There’s no blame assigned to the act if they didn’t want to do it. In fact, much as with the Catholic doctrine of “in extremis” it’s even permissible to violate halal (or kosher for that matter) if the only other option is starvation and death. A Muslim CAN eat pork if that’s all he has to eat.

    I suppose it’s nice for us to imagine we can have a magic way to intimidate the terrorists into fearing combat with us (a literal “magic bullet” in fact), but it just isn’t true.

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