Looking back, looking ahead

Roamy here.  When they announced that there would be a historic photo of Endeavour docked with the International Space Station, I guess I thought it would be more like this:

View of ISS as Endeavour prepares to dock

than this:

Endeavour docked with ISS, as seen by the Soyuz docking camera
Perhaps there will still be some nicer photos, but I wanted to put something up for XBradTC this morning.
One more Shuttle flight, then we are entirely dependent on the Soyuz, and yes, there is a fair amount of bitterness at the role politics plays in space exploration.  I’m not sorry that Ares was cancelled; it was a seriously flawed program.  However, I can’t help but look back at the bold statement President Kennedy made on this day 50 years ago, after Alan Shepard’s suborbital flight.  We were 9 months away from John Glenn’s orbital flight, and yet, we were setting our sights on the moon.  That’s the “can do” attitude I wanted to be a part of.   
I am hoping that the SpaceX Dragon or one of the other space capsules will be ready for manned flight soon.

3 thoughts on “Looking back, looking ahead”

  1. “Bitterness” doesn’t begin to describe my feelings on the matter, and I don’t even work for the program.

    I do hope that photo was not the best, though 😉

  2. We have an investment in the station that the American people have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to place in orbit. And now we are entirely dependent on the Russians for transportaion to and fro. That’s just nuts!

    The space program has been the premier technology driver in our economy for half a century. Virtually every sector of our lives has been enhanced by technological advancements driven by NASA. And we have achieved that with the expenditure of pennies on the dollar of the federal budget.

    The short sightedness of politicians is beyond belief. And the statement by the NASA Administrator that he has been personally tasked by the president to spearhead this administation’s outreach to the Muslim world leaves me speechless.

    To quote our founding fathers, God bless America and God save the United States.

  3. We went from Kitty Hawk to the Moon in ~66 years. From JFK’s challenge to the Moon in eight years. We starting throwing it away in the 70s: space exploration is a waste when there is so much poverty here. BS – pols could buy more of the right kind of votes with welfare.

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