Daily Dose of Splodey

The Army’s training films from the 80s were cheesey. But there IS some nice splodey in this one.


2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Splodey”

  1. Most training films were cheesy. I remember “Seven Sailors” from boot camp and Damage Control and Fire Fighting school that sowed us about all of the possible horror stories negligent Sailors can cause.

    Later, I saw an Army film that shows the cemetery of an entire company on some South Pacific Island and tells teh story of how they all ended up there. Tales from filing the sear of a Garand rifle, to using salt water to clean a truck aboard ship were shown.

    All of them have the air of propaganda but do tell stories everyone needed to hear. They all have a narrator that sounds much like the guy telling about Stinger missiles. I wonder if they hold auditions and tell the guys they have to “sound like this,” then play a tape so they can hear what they need to sound like.

  2. like the 1/4 tons running around pre-Linebackers….also the guy forward thinking enough to wear body armor in the desert pre-OIF…

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