Hueys Forever…

Over the past couple of years, I must’ve seen three or four articles each year reporting the Final Retirement of the UH-1H, usually worded to give a casual reader the impression that the unit doing the obligatory Photo-Op Flyby was the last unit flying the last Huey in the Army. After several months, another article from another unit reporting the Final Retirement of the UH-1H, again worded to give the impression that the unit doing the obligatory Photo-Op Flyby was the last unit etc., etc., etc., followed several months later by yet another article from yet another unit etc., etc., etc…

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  1. There’s still a couple of Hueys at FT Hood being used for support. I was also told that White Sands Missile Range still has UH-1s as well.
    The USMC uses the UH-1Y now.

  2. Had I made it through flight school in ’76, Huebert would have been my first assignment.

    One commenter on the BillT’s thread said that someone had said “when the last UH-60 is taken to the bone yard, there’ll be a UH-1 to fly the crew to the snack bar. That’s not too far fetched.

    According to BillT, DA placed limits on the 60 so that they can only haul what a Huey could haul anyway, so what’s the advantage? Speed maybe and better fuel efficiency, perhaps (I wouldn’t know on the last).

    1. I don’t know about any DA limits on a UH 60 but I don’t believe for a second that they are limited to UH1 parameters. Purely aneccotally, I can say that I have sling-loaded HMMWVs with a -60 and when I originally went to air assault school, the jeep we sling-loaded with a UH1 had no engine just to make it light enough. As for pax, as long as it is cool enough outside, throw 11 fully loaded riflemen, two pilots, door gunner and crew chief in there. When we got support from USMC UH1Ns in Iraq, they could carry a load of exactly four Soldiers and their crew. (Our old UH1Hs would carry 8 of us, but with nothing like the loads we carry now.) I suppose I could go look up the actual statistics… Maybe the UH60A was a dog back in the old days? “Oh, yes dear, I’ll be right there.”

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