Fire and forget on the cheap…

We’ve talked before about a laser guided variant of the 70mm (2.75″) rocket, but now it turns out the Navy is exploring an imaging infrared guided version. The big advantage of an IIR guidance system is that once the missile is fired, you don’t have to provide any further guidance from the launch platform. You can move on to engaging the next target.

Using the existing M66 rocket motor and existing HE warheads reduces development and procurement costs. Whether the IIR system will be discriminating enough for use in the IR clutter of overland operations is an open question, but there’s clearly potential there.

Let’s hope this program continues.



3 thoughts on “Fire and forget on the cheap…”

  1. Have worked a bit with IR trackers, I don’t see this ending too well for this project given current technology.

    It sounds cool and all, but let’s say we lock our rocket onto a moving target, we’ve got good contrast and everything is in constraints. Bang, the weapon is launched and the target takes a right hand turn changing the size of the IR target and possibly the intensity of the blob. The rocket either goes stupid or continues on some pre-arranged trajectory embedded in case it looses lock. I suppose any guidance is better than none in some respects and this would all be OK if the cost per rocket was low.

    Obviously I am not involved in this project nor do I have any knowledge of it other than what I read above…so I wish them the best of luck and hope everything works as advertised.

  2. The Navy has a much easier problem in that regard as there is a much larger heat contrast between metal targets and the surrounding water. I think it could work ashore, but the seeker head will have a much harder problem to solve, particularly in deserts. From the photography it looks like they are testing a China Lake or Twenty Nine Palms which is a good thing. I’m sure the Misguided Chillens are interested and if the problem Outlaw outlines is solvable then it may not be a product of the good idea fairy after all.

    1. Yeah, solving the problem against a water background is a lot easier. In an urban environment? That’s pretty tough to solve.

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