Hey press, STFU already

Roamy here.  I thought I’d join with War News Updates and Weaselzippers in telling the press to back off from the Seals and practice some OpSec.  The Seals have our gratitude; they shouldn’t have to worry about our fifth column “journalists” doing their damnedest at betrayal.

3 thoughts on “Hey press, STFU already”

  1. It is stupid what they are doing. But if the people who work at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. had practiced some OPSEC in the first place what is going on right now might not be occuring.

  2. Outlaw, OPSEC is something they have utterly no understanding of. Besides, they hate the military, unless it’s to their advantage to not hate the military. Otherwise, hatred is their normal state.

    1. RGR…that’s a given with these folks. But it’s hard to blame the press for doing stuff that the politicians are doing or did already.

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