I survived a 27 hour trip from California to Alabama.

Houston’s Intercontinental Airport is a craphole. And Continental sucks.

More later.

3 thoughts on “Survival”

  1. Must have been your first pass through Intercontinental. It’s sucked for decades.

  2. I passed through twice on a trip to Anchorage. Yeah, I dislike Continental and Houston Inter too. I’ll be getting both again in July going to San Diego. I just can’t wait.

    But then, I dislike Tommy’s tards, which make the entire process even more odious. If some one staged a coup d’tat and executed everyone responsible for TSA’s founding and operation, it would almost be worth it.

  3. Shortly after starting here at Edwards, I sent the wife back to Wichita…..on Continental through Houston. 757 from LAX. Embraer 135 to Wichita. And she says Houston George Bush is worse than DFW!

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