Multiple layers of fact checkers…

On the day that Osama bin Laden was finally tracked down and killed, the New York Times Sunday Magazine published a cover story detailing the murder of Afghan civilians by American troops. The point of the piece was not to break the news of these crimes, since the incidents had already been uncovered and prosecuted by the military. Rather, they served as the jumping off point for a smear job, portraying the U.S. military as a bloodthirsty band of savage war criminals.

via New York Times Magazine Relies upon Faked Research to Smear Military « Commentary Magazine.

Read the whole thing, it’s pretty short.

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  1. When I read the actual NY Times article referenced in the linked post, I was impressed enough to copy it and save it for potential mandatory reading by platoon leaders as a study in command climate and small-unit leadership. Smear or not, really the only thing I took exception to came in the last paragraph. I enjoyed it, and I like to consider myself alert to smearing of the military. I am of the opinion that there IS a link between command climate, leadership, and the behavior of individual Soldiers, and I think the article brought it out rather well. I can’t speak accurately on whatever research SLA Marshal supposedly had debunked, and don’t find it applicable to this article.

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