12 thoughts on “Confederate Yankee: Obama Honors SEALs That Killed Bin Laden”

  1. I guess I’m a bit thick. What’s the significance of the Blue Falcon?

  2. So the President confers a PUC on them and they dishonor the office he holds in return?

    Because that is what they did if they really did that.

    That is supposed to be a good thing?

    1. John, I am certain beyond any doubt that this is a joke, and the SEALs did not bestow the Blue Falcon on the President.

      *I’m* not in the military anymore, so I can mock the President if I so chose. Or borrow from blog posts that do.

  3. 1. No, the concept of humor is not above my head. Nor is the matter of propriety for members of the Armed Forces.

    2. I am not saying anyone can not disagree with or say something disparaging against any public figure. However my point was if members of a military organization actually presented this type of behind the scenes insult to POTUS then it is a violation of the Standards of Conduct. Some of you may recall Lex said he would not write some opinions he had a few years back because he was still a serving officer. Once he retired and became a private citizen then it was no problem. Lex understood as a professional there are some things you do not say while you are still serving. The same thing extends to actions.

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