The Messaging Mess Out of the White House

As usual, Ace is dead on target.

The thing that Obama had no role in crafting, only authorizing — the planning of the military strike — went beautifully. (With the exception of a mechanical glitch downing a stealth copter.)

The thing that Obama had a primary role in crafting — the PR and reportage about the military’s spectacular raid — has been nothing but glitches, walkbacks, mistatements, blown opportunities, and — this is now becoming a pattern with Obama — screwing up everything so badly and so… oddly that people begin doubting the most basic facts reported to them.

Given that, I’m really not sure I’m ready to credit Captain with having meticulously oversaw the mission’s planning. The one thing I know he meticulously oversaw — the one thing that he really cares about, and is best at (as far as his limited capabilities) — he completely screwed up.

via Ace of Spades HQ.

Many pundits have noted that the Bush administration tended to defer questions about the details of operations to the DoD, and it sure seemed to work for them. But the Obama White House has tried to wring every possible bit of credit for this operation, and in so doing, has shot itself in the foot.