Release the photos?

I’m saying yes.

First, how on earth does it take the White House FOUR days to make the decision (likely to be changed) to release the pics?  That’s a 30 second decision, either way. It should have been made before the President reached the podium on Sunday night. But the President apparently likes waffles for more than breakfast.

Second, as Dershowitz argues, NOT releasing the pics gives a de facto hecklers veto to the worst elements of the Islamic world. What will the government withhold from public scrutiny next time?

DERSHOWITZ: The precedent this would establish for suppressing material because it might be offensive or might lead to this, it would give Muslim extremists veto about what we can read, what we can hear. It harks back to the [Muhammad] cartoon issues and other forms of censorship. We should not censor because if we publish it will offend the sensibilities of people who don’t share our values.

I’m all for Operational Security, and not disclosing tactics, techniques, and procedures. But those grounds would be the only reasonable excuse to not release the pictures.  But there ARE pictures of Bin Laden that could be released that wouldn’t compromise security.

Yes, Muslims around the world will rise up in indignation and put our troops at risk. But guess what? They do that anyway.

7 thoughts on “Release the photos?”

  1. In the era of smart phones and the internet, there is simply no way to prevent 100% a photo (or video) being leaked. Just ask Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton, Mel Gibson, …..

    That said, which is better – wait a year until some BradA$$87 opts to “release the truth”? OR to release now and let it all go through the cycle as is?

    I agree, release the photo. Unless of course it has some member of the team holding up OBL like a trophy… in which case let’s talk about marketing rights first.

  2. Sadly, I believe the photograph will be released, as it should. The real issue, as I see it is timing. The time for it to be released is yesterday. But I figure it will be released by either side at some point during the election campaigns. To me, this is fundamentally wrong! Craig, this picture is not the property of either party or branch, it is property of the American People. Therefore, there are absolutely no marketing issues. Actually, the picture really belongs to the people who helped pay the price for that picture, it is theirs, not Obama’s.

    1. Grumpy, Craig was kidding about the marketing rights.

      And I do think that in the age of instant dissemination of information, eventually, it IS going to get out, and that means that administration should have had a plan for distributing it, and controlling it. But for a gang that seems to think they are the best at messaging in the whole wide world, they’ve screwed up every single bit of this.

  3. Hi Brad,

    I know Craig was just kidding about marketing rights. But in situations like this, if you do not confront or challenge the concept, people assume that it is true. Neither side really understand the power of networking, but with that power, comes responsibility. Everybody wants to be first and first reports are most often, not factual. This is the underlying principles of my approach with Craig. He is a good man, but there times to kid and times not to kid. This is the latter. Have a good night and a good day tomorrow.

    1. So are you going to designate the times it is safe or proper to have a sense of humor and times it is not? By all means….

    2. Craig, Craig, this is our man Grumpy you’re talking about.

      Having said that, the pic should be released, and teh sooner the better. make sure if gets to Al Jazeera and the the Muslim sites, and let them know we are looking for the others and have fewer distractions now. Of course, the Obamanation won’t see the propaganda value of it as he is too stuck on being a community organizer to understand the military effects of something like this.

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