Military Dog Used in Bin Laden Compound Raid –

While many Americans are anxious to meet and commend the team of Navy SEALs who raided the compound in Abottabad, Pakistan, and killed Usama bin Laden, one team member would be happy just to receive a doggie treat.

Among the commandos was a heroic canine – a bomb-sniffing dog who was attached to a team member as the SEALs were lowered from a Black Hawk helicopter into bin Laden’s hideout, The Sun reports.

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Military Working Dogs have a roller coaster history. Every time we’re at war, the demand for dogs skyrockets, but in peacetime, the numbers plummet, and you end up with a few dogs working for the MPs sniffing out drugs in the barracks. And all the hard earned experience  in using them in war is frittered away. That’s now way to treat man’s best friend, and penny wise, pound foolish.

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  1. I love military working dogs. I only had one bad experience, and that was with the handler, not his beautiful animal. Had to call the Kennel Master and tell him that I would go without before he sent the USAF handler back out to me. I have never seen an individual whine and complain as much as this clown. Not meant as a negative comment on the USAF in general, but man, that guy was seriously weak.

    1. I had no problems with the dog or his skills; my problem was with the USAF SSGT that whined about living in austere conditions like the rest of the recon squadron, out in the rain and mud. So he had to live in a metal can; it was better accomodations than the guys that were living in their trucks or sleeping on cots in the open air, while getting rained on and even saw the first snow to fall on Baghdad in decades (this was JAN ‘o8) while we built a patrol base from scratch and conducted 24/7 combat ops.

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