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The clip of Apache gun camera footage the was the basis for “Colateral Murder” and was one of the first incidents to bring Wikileaks into the general public’s eye now forms the kernel of a new documentary about one soldier’s perception of the War on Terror, and the war in Iraq specifically.

Outlaw13, long time friend of this blog, and blogger par excellence himself has a close connection to this clip. It’s from his unit, and he knows the folks involved in the air.

Crazyhorse 18/19 responded to a TIC call on the day in question and upon arriving got a situation update. The unit (the BN, not the particular patrol the SPC interviewed was in) had been receiving sporadic small arms fire all day, they had recently received fire from the direction where the helicopter eventually spotted a man peering around the corner of a building looking in the direction of US troops with what to the crew appeared to be a weapon in his hands. Additionally the ground unit reported that a black vehicle had been spotted earlier that day by UAV dropping off ammo and weapons to fighters in the area. With all that in mind the Apache team spotted the person looking around the corner of the building. He appeared to have what the crew thought to be an RPG (it was in fact a camera with a telephoto lens). The crew continued to circle around and when the got on the backside of that building they saw a group of people, several of them armed. They reported this to the ground unit and asked for permission to fire. Permission was given and the helicopters opened fire and took out the group of people gathered by the street corner oriented toward friendly forces a couple of blocks away. They then engaged a vehicle and personnel that arrived on the scene that according to one of the crew-members was collecting the wounded and picking up weapons.

Read the whole thing. The director of the forthcoming documentary responds in the comments. It’s an interesting discussion.

But for all the director’s protestations that he’s not instinctively biased against the military, why is it directors always latch onto stories of soldiers who become¬†disaffected? ¬†Is there not ONE story of a soldier who went from being a guy just doing a job/collecting a paycheck, to finding purpose, nobility and a calling from his war experience?

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