CDR Salamander: CHINFO needs a 12-step program

Navy messaging is broken beyond parody. I used to hit on it all the time – but I have tired of it as the sport is out of it – we don’t care.

Since Sunday night, we have had one of the prime above-the-fold moments when it comes to the Navy’s contribution to the Long War. We have a great story, one our Sailors deserve to have told from the mountain tops. Big Navy though doesn’t seem to think so.

via CDR Salamander: CHINFO needs a 12-step program.

CDR Salamander pings on the Navy so much because he loves the Navy so much.

Here’s the Navy’s most visible contribution to the War on Terror, THE recruiting/goodwill moment of the decade, and the Navy is too stupid to take credit for it on its own damn website.

7 thoughts on “CDR Salamander: CHINFO needs a 12-step program”

  1. It wouldn’t even have occurred to me to look to the army for current/relevant information about today’s headlines.

  2. How do we REALLY know it was the NAVY who offed UBL anyway, know what I mean wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

    DOD’s public affairs is just flat broke…come to think of it they’ve never been that great in what, FOREVER?

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