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If you could field just one piece of equipment to the Army, from socks to a new tank, what would it be?

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  1. Lighter body armor that doesn’t mess with their movement. Don’t know if such a thing exists, but that would be my choice.

  2. Reintroduction of the original JEEP.

    And if that won’t work, I’d field a series of beer products. However I fear that R&D will take a long time. That’s a tall order. Might have to conduct extensive, and I mean extensive, field tests to meet all necessary requirements.

  3. Repeal of The Key West Agreement.
    CAS overhead, instead of a request for.

    1. I don’t know about a repeal, but at least an amendment. A-10’s can still be air force for budgetary, training, and basing conveniences, but in a combat zone they should be opconned to battlespace owners as a squadron. The squadron operations officer gets a brief on all actions in the AO, and the Hogs are integrated in day-to-day ground ops.

    2. The C-27J came up in comments a few days ago, and that was something I wanted to address. When the Air Force squeezed out all the Army’s buy of the Spartan, it changed the way local airlift would have worked.

      Let’s say a theater Army commander owns an Army Aviation C-27J battalion. He can give direct OPCON to a subordinate commander will be able to directly task the Bn and say “you’ll do airdrops to these camps, on these days” limited only by a realistic sortie generation rate.

      But the Air Force operates airlift totally differently, with EVERY airlift mission tasked out of TRANSCOM in Scott AFB, IL. The theater commander can ASK for a certain number of sorties, but there’s no guarantee TRANSCOM won’t say “sorry, we’ve got other taskings for those birds….”

  4. Lots of IED detection dogs. There is no electronic detection device we can possibly construct that is superior to the canine sense of smell, and tech will never give a rat’s ass about trying to please and protect us either. Dogs cover all three — and then some.

  5. A better rifle, for starters. Chambered for a 7mm class round.

    Second, re-establish the Army Air Corps and transfer TacAir to that branch and let the AF play the strategic game all they want. The Army should not have to negotiate with the AF for the support they need. The Key West agreement must die.

  6. I am doing it now…a single enterprise computer system which replaces SAMS, PBUSE, SARSS & ULLS-A with a single computer application.

    1. That is a tall order, but would be a nice one to see. Not sure if the army will like to spring for replacing all of those boxes, but it would be a great idea.

    2. John, I remember ULLS-A,but most of the other systems are lost in the mists of memory. Can you “un-acronym” those?

  7. Esli,

    Yup….60,000 boxes and training 190,000 users over 5 years….I love my job!


    Standard Arm Maintenance System- Enahanced (replaced the old SAMS & ULLS-G)
    Property Book and Unit Supply Enhanced (replaced SPBS-R & ULLS S4)
    Standard Army Retail Supply System (its what your supply sergeant fed his 80 column card DA Form 2768-1 Requisition into to get you all of the tools, etc, he handed out and what the PLL clerk dropped parts request to)

    We are in full blown Operational testing at 2 locations working the bugs out. We should begin full Army wide fielding in summer 2012.

    1. You guys STILL don’t have that? I know the Army’s logistics IT is upgraded slowly, but they were talking about a single integrated system when I left the tactical side of the Army in 94! Good Golly Molly!

  8. Brad

    Go see my cooments to your post and read paras 3 &4.

    That is directly why….the system is fuly integrated into the financial side things….not in the 1994 scope….or 2002 scope. The communications we will use did not exist prior to 2005 in the Army inventory and has only hit full fielding last year. 3 seperate companies working on teh project went under or disappeared durign the feeding frenzy of the late 1990s in the defense industry. We kept losing our R&D funding to pay for the war. Did I mention TRADOC kept adding requirements without vetting if they were technologically feasible?

    Its a miracle we got that far.

    BTW, I was sitting in the audience in Larkin Hall at FT Lee in the fall of 1993 when the former commander of the 16th CSG gave his white paper presentation on the need for the system. I FEEL how long this has taken…but I have only been on the project for 2 years…since I do fielding not development.

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