A show of hands…

Was I the only one who stuck a mini-glowstick down the barrel of an M16 and shot it out with a blank?

What other stupid stuff have you done over the years? Shooting Jay with a BB gun doesn’t count.

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  1. ~ 10 lbs of Tannerite inside a steel pipe so thick that it had to be set off with a .50 AP round. Left a crater about 9 feet across and 3 feet deep. Found pieces of the steel up to 500 yards away.

  2. It bloody well counts if you were the one being shot in the ass! Built a “canon” out of 1″ diameter steel pipe, put the threaded cap on with JB Weld. Drilled a hole for the fuze (saved from Black Cat firecrackers), packed it with black powder. Added wadding and then some gravel, lead fishing weights and glass. Lit the fuze and ran like hell. Not far enough or fast enough. Amazingly we all survived. Never did find the end cap. We lit the thing off just off the end of the NAS Whidbey runway. Base security came screaming down. I don’t think I ever pedaled a bike faster.
    Then there was putting foil “chaff” in 2 stage model rockets and launching them near the base. Never did hear what effect that had on the radar.

  3. Got into a fireworks war. Threw bottle rockets at one another, including over the house. Tried to see how many fuses we could twist together and still have all the bottle rockets go off. Blew up a couple of buckets. I’m still amazed we got away with only minor burns.

  4. Oh yeah, and taking all the powder out of the rockets that didn’t go off, putting it all into a pile, and scorching a hole in my parents’ garage floor. The flash was burned into my retinas for a few hours.

    1. I couldn’t buy black powder until I was 18, but I *could* buy Estes model rocket engines, and then tap them gently with a hammer to knock loose the powder.

      Pay no attention to the mushroom cloud behind the house…

  5. Just this morning I tried to wash the filthy mud-covered dog, instead of helping with the garage sale…. Having been told that I was wrong, i went ahead and quit working on the dog, which was still mud-covered in the rear 2/3s. The dog proceeded to do what dogs do and shake itself dry, spraying muddy water all over the bathroom. What he didn’t mess up with water droplets, he messed up with 4 muddy paws that tracked all over the white mats on the floor and the stacks of white towels, before escaping to leap on the bed and then run down the stairs, tracking mud all the way.
    I won’t admit to any stupidityy concerning projectiles or explosives, although I have witnessed plenty…

  6. Well that’s good to know, Art. All these years I was hoping it wasn’t because you just didn’t like me.

  7. Another favorite with model rockets was carefully cut off the bottom portion of the plastic nose cone, drill a small hole in the tip of the cone. Inside the cone glue the brass and primer from a .410 shell. Put a tack in the hole so it touches the primer and glue it in place. Pack the cone with black powder, seal with epoxy. Glue the bottom of the cone back on. Glue the cone to the rocket. Launch at bulkhead. See pretty boom.

  8. 1. Laid two 40 lb shaped charges on their sides aimed at each other about 10 feet apart and set them off at the same time with an electric firing circuit. Had a nice one conversation with range control at Grafenwhoeor over the resulting shock wave damage to the range tower.

    2. During Bradley Gunnery Table 7, as a company commander, coax engagement from BC’s position. COAX jammed, I immediately announced “SWITCH TO 25MM HE!” and proceeded to destroy the pop up target, the target lift device and Honda generator with 25mm slugs….my master gunner was pissed!

    3. As a troopie I fired a 90mm recoilless rifle while standing unsupported (I don’t care what the manual says!)

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