Seraphic Secret: General John Buford Archives

On June 30, 1863, Brig. General John Buford and his cavalry entered the small town of Gettysburg. Buford quickly realized that a large force of Confederates were maneuvering into a tactically superior position.

Two great armies were about to clash.

The lay of the land was, for Buford, a crystal ball into the next day’s battle.

via Seraphic Secret: General John Buford Archives.

A most excellent post, both on the Civil War, and contemporary issues.

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  1. Brigadier General John Buford was the commanding general of the First Division of the Cavalry Corps of the Army of the Patomac that fateful day.

    His valiant stand allowed the Army of the Patomac to come up and seize the high ground. His actions on July 1, and those of Joshua Chamberlain on Little Round Top on July 2, probably saved the Union.

    Unfortunately, on Dec 16, 1863, Buford died of typhoid on the same day that Abraham Lincoln signed his appointment as Major General.

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