5 thoughts on “Mk.82 HD High Drag”

  1. Reminds me of my dad’s stories that when they did live drops down in California, they would first have to make a couple of dry low-level passes to chase out the illegals that had made a new home for themselves in some of the busses used as range target hulks.

  2. Don’t think it’s an 82. The ballute(sp?) is only for MK83/84. 82s have the snake-eye for high drag.

  3. Brad,
    Did you ever see the Snakeye fin assembly that, for some reason, I felt compelled to take from Polnell Point? Used to plan on making a coffee table out of it…

    1. No, I never did see that Snakeye assembly. Or somehow, I’ve forgotten it. Oddly, we rarely went to your house. We always went to mine or, more often, Terry’s.

      The 500# bomb comes in two hi-drag versions. The BSU-49 (or Mk82 AIR) is the ballute retarded version, which is used by the Air Force and the Navy (though you rarely see the Navy use them).

      The Snakeye tail fin assembly is only used by the Navy/USMC. The Air Force doesn’t use them, mostly, I guess, because of the 500kt limitation.

      Incidentally, when my dad was flying in Vietnam in 66-67, the typical load for Intruders was 22 Mk82 Snakeyes, but the usually popped up to about 1000ft and dropped them slick. I guess the computer liked to solve that problem more. As soon as they pickled, they’d pull a 4G turn away from the target, and have a good 2-3 miles separation from the impact area.

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