Drill Sergeants Want AF Recruit Rifle Quals

FORT BENNING , Ga. — The Air Force needs to dramatically increase the marksmanship component of basic training according to an Army and an Air Force drill sergeant who recently completed a drill instructor exchange program and were tasked with identifying potential improvements to the Army and Air Force basic courses.

“Honestly I think [Air Force recruits] should have the opportunity to qualify with their weapon. They have one day where they get a class on the M-16,” said drill instructor Army Staff Sgt. David Peters. “I know not every job in the Air Force will require you to deploy with a weapon — some of the guys don’t ever leave the states — but I think it would be a good experience, and at least build confidence in some Airmen that are coming out of basic training, that

via Drill Sergeants Want AF Recruit Rifle Quals.

I’m actually more curious, what did the Army Drill Sergeant find at AF Basic Training that should be brought back home?

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  1. A whole DAY with the M-16? No wonder some of those lost souls can’t figure out where the pivot pin is, let alone hit anything with it!

    Are we in the business of actually fighting anymore?

  2. From what I remember from my father’s time stationed at Lackland, the AF just take a recruit through basic weapons familiarization. The troops that are required to use weapons as a regular part of the job see a lot more, but the recruits get very little. The Navy is just as bad. I fired a 10 rounds through a 22 at Boot Camp, and was shown how to field strip a M-1911. We marched with ’03 Springfields which had the firing pin removed. I had fired and stripped a M-1911 when I was with a shooting Club at Kelly AFB. POne of our coaches was the NCOIC of the indoor range at Kelly and we saw all sorts of weapons. We played with a Garand, which I saw in the fleet. I also saw my first M-60 which was also stored int eh arms room at the Kelly range.

    So there are weapons around the AF, it just seems the AF doesn’t have soldiers, but, Brad, you already knew that. 🙂

    I doubt the Army Drill saw much to take back.

    1. I didn’t mind a rather austere mess hall for basic training, but after that, yeah, I ate at AF mess halls every chance I got. They didn’t like honoring a meal cared, but they would do it eventually…

      As for one pitch softball for PT, every unit I was in managed to turn soccer, volleyball, and softball into full contact tackle sports, so why not?

    2. I’ve eaten in Navy, Army and AF chow halls (my father ran AF chow halls) and I saw little difference. They all get their food from the same sources, use the same recipes and the people are trained at the same place, Ft. Lee, VA. I ate well at all three versions and had no complaints about the quality of food.

      My father laughed whenever he heard how much better AF chow halls were. The sentence above is from his mouth, to your eyes. It isn’t original with me.

  3. My opinion is that what makes USAF chow halls better is not the quality of the food, but the quality of the facility. I’ve been in some that literally had subdued lighting and carpted floors. Even in Iraq, if you eat at Sather Air Base on BIAP, you find that they have real metal utensils instead of plastic, and this is largely for transients. The little details make for a better quality dining experience….

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