Panetta to SecDef, Petraeus to CIA

Well, we knew the shakeup was coming, and the choices have been rumored for a while…

Leon Panetta, currently the Director of  the CIA, will take over as SecDef. His term at CIA has been marked by a period of relative stability there, but not of any special brilliance at gathering and analyzing intel. I mean, it isn’t like the CIA under him saw the sweeping Arab revolutions of this spring coming…

And given his primarily political background, it’s almost certain his main mission at DoD will be to cut the budgets.  I strongly suspect he’ll bypass the fat and go straight for muscle and bone. He has always been a political hack, and I don’t see him changing his ways.

As for GEN Petraeus heading over to CIA, the man is due for a break. He’s not humpin’ a rucksack up hill and dale, but he has been deployed to a theater of war for about 5 years straight. That crushing pressure of command can’t be sustained indefinitely.

As for his future at CIA, best of luck. He’s got more than enough managerial experience. Normally, I’d say that an Army General’s management experience is ill suited to the different style needed to lead a civilian organization, but his time spent working with allied nations and the fractuous Iraqi and Afghani governments has probably given him a better feel for the style of leadership needed.

4 thoughts on “Panetta to SecDef, Petraeus to CIA”

  1. Honestly, I don’t see a problem with the General’s appointment to CIA. Almost every DIRNSA ever has been a former flag officer (or even serving) even though it’s a “civilian” agency (questionable, given how much of its staff is military, but it is still a separate agency).

  2. I believe that the Army’s loss is CIA’s gain. However, I think that the good general would have been better utilized as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

    The next few years are going to be particularly rough with the current administration’s rather skewed views of military reality and the tremendous pressures to cut expeditures across the board. It is going to create havoc within the sevices and we need a great leader to get us all through the crisis that is looming on the horizon.

  3. I think if I were a General and offered the position of Joint Chiefs with this bunch, I’d retire forthwith. I’d rather hold a combat command, and all the pressures that go with it, than endure the district of corruption with the corrupt gang in power currently.

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