Alabama Storms and coauthor Roamy

Our coauthor, Roaming Fire Hydrant (Roamy) lives in Alabama. I just checked in with her, and she’s fine. But a lot of the rest of the state has been devastated by deadly tornadoes. Please pray for her continued safety, and for all those folks affected by the vicious storms.

7 thoughts on “Alabama Storms and coauthor Roamy”

  1. Thanks for checking on Roamy and her family, Xbrad. She and the folks in the path of these killer storms have my prayers.

  2. That same storm rippe through the mountains where I live. Two neighboring counties were under a tornado warning last night. None touched down fortunately. One nice thing about the mountains. The roiled air currents tend to keep the funnels above us.

    We got a fair amount of rain and some stiff winds and little damage.

    I’m glad to hear Roamy made it OK.

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